Nokia Lumia 920

Buy tickets to the OnePlus 6T launch event and get free gifts

As for the phone itself, it is expected to pack a Snapdragon 845 SoC backed by 6GB and 8GB of RAM. It should have an in-display fingerprint scanner, no headphone jack and wireless charging, and probably a 3,700mAh battery.

If, however, you don’t want to rely on Lady Luck, you can buy a ticket to the OnePlus 6T event. Click here or follow the source link below to do so. You’ll not only be able to attend, but OnePlus will give out free Bullets Wireless earphones, as well as other gifts.

It will set you back $30 (or the equivalent in other currencies), but that’s pretty much what the price is for the Bullets Wireless earphones. Not to mention that there will be other gifts as well, in addition to experiencing the OnePlus 6T launch first hand.

Project Fi offers an effective BOGO for Pixel 3 pre-orders

It’s a somewhat backhanded way — especially with those validity terms — to juice Pixel sales and Project Fi membership, but it seems that Google is serious about that cross-promotions game.

However, if you’re a natural persuader to boot, you might want to start convincing people to join you.

From now until “while supplies last and while terms exist on our website,” customers can get a $799 service credit (the price of a 64GB Pixel 3) when they buy any combination of two Pixel 3 and/or Pixel 3 XL units on a group plan with one joining member. One user must purchase both devices while the new member must activate one of the phones. The credit will be applied after 30 consecutive days of service and within 60 days of activation. The credits can only be applied to service and not towards device payments.

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Ominaisuudet Materiaalit. Lumia 920 on saatavilla neljässä eri värissä: keltaisena, punaisena, valkoisena ja mustana. Puhelimen materiaalina on polykarbonaatti.

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