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It even has Internet connectivity via the General Packet Radio Service, or GPRS, standard. Browsing the Web using the built-in Opera Mini browser, however, is a test of patience, as Web pages load slowly. Be prepared to scroll constantly while reading because of the phone's small 2-inch (240 x 320 pixels) screen. Viewing angles are relatively poor compared with some of the other phones here.

The revamped Nokia 3310 announced last month will not be sold in Singapore because it is a 2G phone. But the 3G-capable Nokia C2-01 is available at local stores for around $80 if you want a candy-bar feature phone.

Pressing the Menu option displays a grid of icons, each representing a feature. But the icons and their fonts are small. Besides English, it supports Malay, Tamil and Simplified Chinese.

Life after 2G: Feature phones still very much in demand ...

3G feature phones - basic and inexpensive handsets with a small display and a numeric keypad - have largely been replaced by budget smartphones. But they still matter - especially for thousands of mobile phone users here switching from 2G services.

There are just three days to go before 2G voice and messaging services in Singapore are shut down for good on April 1. But, as recently as a month ago, there were still up to 123,000 lines on the 2G network, according to the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). This is down from the 160,000 lines reported in November last year.

Its latest Simple 3G phone for seniors is available from Singtel. The telco says it has received more queries about 3G feature phones recently and will be adding more models in the next couple of months.

Most current 2G users are migrant workers and seniors. To avoid losing the use of mobile services, they have to switch to a 3G or 4G handset before the deadline.

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Lumia nousemassa yrittäjien suosikiksi
Sekä Soneran että Elisan yrittäjäasiakkaat ostavat mieluiten iPhonen tai Nokian Lumian. Windows-puhelimet ovat tehneet selkeän läpimurron Apple iPhonen rinnalle yrittäjien keskuudessa. Kahden operaattorin top 5 -listalla sinnittelee enää yksi peruspuhelin, Nokia C2-01. Yrittäjien listoilla on ...

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Next in the classification were Apple iPhone 5, Apple iPhone 4S, Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung Galaxy Xcover, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Nokia Lumia 610, Nokia C2-01 Black, Nokia 113, and Samsung Galaxy Gio. On the business customer segment, the 5 best selling ...

3 Italia, nuove promozioni da domani con Smartphone Pack e Passa e Raddoppia
Per i clienti che passano a 3 e tengono il numero scegliendo uno smartphone tra Samsung Wave Y (120€), Nokia Asha 300 (90€) e Nokia C2-01 Black (60€) il doppio della spesa in traffico incluso per 30 mesi (8€/mese per Wave Y, 6€/mese per Asha 300 e 4 ...

3 Italia: nuove promozioni Smartphone Pack e Passa e Raddoppia
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Nokia C2-01 – Wikipedia
Nokia C2-01 on marraskuussa 2010 julkaistu ja maaliskuussa 2011 myyntiin tullut matkapuhelinvalmistaja Nokian valmistama matkapuhelin. Sen hintaluokka on noin 70–80 ...

Nokia - мобильные телефоны - обзоры, тесты, описания ...
Мобильные телефоны от Nokia - обзоры, тесты, описания, отзывы пользователей. Розыгрыш призов ...

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Nokia is a global leader in innovations such as mobile networks, digital health, virtual reality and phones. See how we create technology to connect

Nokia — Википедия
Компания получила своё имя по названию города Nokia, который расположен в Финляндии на ...

Nokia C2-01

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