Samsung M5650

Touchscreen Samsung M5650 Lindy surfaces

The touchscreen Samsung M5650 Lindy handset has surfaced online bearing a remarkable resemblance to the Samsung S3650 Genio Touch.

Rounding off the improvements is the inclusion of up to 7.2Mbps HSDPA connectivity and dedicated music playback keys.

The original Corby Genio Touch certainly had a small price tag and a touchscreen interface working in its favour but the spec list is very entry-level, and the colour schemes a bit much for some to bear.

Clearly heeding these factors on the M5650 Lindy, with a more “sensible” colour range and a serious bump in the specs departmentincluding a 3-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi and a forward facing camera for video calling.

According to, the Samsung M5650 is already available to buy, but we certainly haven't seen it on our shores yet. It has however seemingly trickled out with little fanfare in select locations; with one Portuguese operator currently offering it for €149, down from €159.

Samsung M5650

Amsung Electronics, a mobile phone provider, unveiled the Samsung M5650, a music-focused addition to its popular line-up of full touch screen cell phones for young mobile users. Following on the launch of the Samsung Corby (S3650), the Samsung M5650 cell phone further strengthens Samsung’s offering for digitally savvy young users who seek colorful and bold designs, easy connectivity and great functionality. Tailored for music lovers, the Samsung M5650 mobile phone is equipped with a one-touch key for listening to your favorite tunes on top of all the diverse features of the Samsung Corby, which swept the global market with sales of 3.5 million units within two months of its launch in September.


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M5650 Lindy black back

M5650 Lindy black front

M5650 Lindy black front angle

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