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Phone wars: Nokia X2 vs LG GW300

Camera: The Nokia X2 has a five megapixel camera in contrast to the LG GW300’s two megapixel camera. However, keep in mind that both cameras have fixed-focus. This does not really affect most users and would not have been noticed unless pointed out. This kind of fixed focus camera is usually used to make mobile phones more affordable and give it better pricing points. This does set limitations to the amount of low light photography you will be able to do. In this regard, the X2’s flash is a critical asset and gives its already much higher megapixel fixed focus camera an edge over the competition. Conclusion: Nokia wins by quite a margin.

Screen size: The GW300’s 2.4 inch screen is larger than the X2’s 2.2 inch. It might not seem like much of a difference but you can squeeze in quite a few words at the font size that the phones are using. Both of them have the same resolution surprisingly, and one would think that Nokia’s display would look better because of the higher pixel density. But to be honest, both of their screens look almost the same. The LG has better sunlight visibility than the Nokia, which is also plagued by bad viewing angles from the sides. It seems Nokia cut some corners with the screen. Conclusion: LG wins out on display.
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