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Sony A1 vs LG B7: Which is the best OLED TV?

Design is a very subjective thing, but in this battle it comes down to one question - do you like your tech to blend in or stand out?

The LG B7 , on the other hand, is a little more understated. Leaving the fancy looks to its flagship cousin the W7 Wallpaper, it adopts a more traditional TV design, with a curved chrome stand and barely there bezel. Both screens measure no more than a few millimetres at their slimmest point, but the connections and speakers have got to be housed somewhere. LG does it by packing them all into the bottom half of its back panel out of the way, while Sony hides them cleverly in its kickstand.

What is noticeable is the TV's larger footprint, which means the whole screen needs to be supported by a pretty large TV rack. It's sturdy enough that it'll stand being dangled over the edges of a smaller one, but that'll look a little ugly for something so driven by design.

Sony has gone for a rather bold statement in the A1 . There's no visible stand, so it props itself up like a photo frame with a kickstand from behind. There's an ever-so-slight angle to the screen because of this, but it's not noticeable when you're sat in front of it. And because there's no stand, all that's staring back at you is a slab of pure OLED loveliness.
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