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Paper Boat's appointment drinking: genius or madness?

And drinks specific to each festival, so a lot of these happy memories often involve near and dear ones, around the specific occasions. And that has a potentially huge nostalgia value. Says Govind Pandey, CEO, TBWA India, "I think it's a smart move to come up with such special edition ideas tactically. It deepens the idea of the brand in the minds of the consumers, energises the brand and keeps building anticipation." While at an emotional level this seems to be a great strategy, most marketers reckon it could be a nightmare in terms of the logistics, demand forecasting, production and even marketing planning. The main challenge (and opportunity), according to Pandey, will always be to deliver an authentic product experience.
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For Emami, a Kumbh mela is an affair to remember

Working on this insight, Navratna thought to offer the devotees this unique benefit of lost and found service assistance." Not as intense but as life-changing for some are winter Kumbh mela activities like talent hunts. BoroPlus' talent search 'Mele ka BIG star' was even televised on BIG CBS. Agarwal tells us that brands which have a large rural base, like hair oil Kesh King and Zandu Balm regularly do and will continue to focus on canter activities, product sampling and consumer connect activities like gaming zones, free massage services, etc. He says, "Kumbh Mela witnesses one of the highest footfalls, especially from consumers from interior parts of the country.

Источник: http://brandequity.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/marketing/for-emami-a-kumbh-mela-is-an-affair-to-remember/51894643
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.Елизавета2012. реферат по ОБЖ 5 класс на тему правила безопасности человека или как избежать травм за ранее спс. планирование по обж с 5 по 11 класс 17 проект загадки 2 класс; ntvs gj ytvtwrjve bc gthtdjljv; ntvs на телефон lg a155 | короткие видео про космос и ГДЗ с ...
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Número de smartphones no mercado mundial cresce 32,8%
São Paulo - O número de smartphones embarcados no mercado mundial de celulares chegou a 155,5 milhões entre os meses de julho e setembro de 2012, o que representa um aumento de 32% em relação ao mesmo período do ano passado segundo dados da pesquisa ...
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LG - Популярные ресурсы

LG А155: 2 SIM-карты, больше общения!
Компания LG Electronics (LG), мировой лидер и технологический новатор в области мобильных ...

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