Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition - твой мобильный гид

Расширяя портфолио своих сенсорных аппаратов, компания Nokia представляет немного измененную версию популярного смартфона Nokia 5800 XpressMusic . Новинка под названием Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition будет отличаться от обычной, как уже понятно из названия, своей навигационной направленностью. Таким образом, новинка должна пользоваться спросом среди автомобилистов и любителей просто путешествовать по миру.

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition (Unlocked)

Need an unlocked phone that doubles as an accurate GPS device? The Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition could be what you're looking for. Unlike the Garmin nüvifone G60 on AT&T, which was a total failure as a phone, the Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition began life as a full-featured, unlocked smartphone. This new package rings in at a reasonable $299, with no cell-phone contract required and a lifetime subscription for GPS service and map updates. It comes with everything you need for in-car navigation. In testing, I found it gets the job done, despite a weak touch-screen interface and some missing GPS features.

Hardware Mount and Bundled Accessories
The Nokia 5800 XPressMusic is a year-old phone; what's new is that Nokia has both lowered its price and is pitching it as an in-car GPS system, rather than a music player. I knew going in that it comes with additional GPS-related accessories. But nothing prepared me for just how many; it looks like half of Best Buy exploded inside the box. Let's break the accessories down into two groups. First up is the phone, which comes with a set of wired stereo earbuds, a travel-size charger, a microUSB cable, and an 8GB microSD card, plus the battery, stylus, and a wrist strap. The other group consists of the GPS hardware: a Nokia CR-103 car holder that assembles from three large black plastic pieces, and a Nokia DC-4 car charger that keeps the 5800 juiced when navigating.

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Klipsch Image S4 and Nokia 5800 NE

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Klipsch Image S4

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