Nokia Mural

Раскладушка Nokia Mural с настраиваемой цветной подсветкой

Компания Nokia представила новый телефон Nokia Mural, который будет распространяться через американского оператора сотовой связи AT&T. Изюминкой нового телефона в форм-факторе раскладушки являются несколько вариантов цветов подсветки, которые пользователь может выбрать по своему вкусу, включая синий, красный, зеленый, оранжевый, фиолетовый и розовый. Подсветка включается, когда пользователь открывает или закрывает телефон, а также при поступлении входящего звонка, текстовых сообщении, срабатывающих напоминаниях.

Bowie made mistakes. That's part of what made him so magical

Usually an interview with a big star takes place in a carefully controlled environment, where minders and PR people are in control.

David Bowie was the exception. He decided that he would talk to me without anyone else present, as long as the filming took place in the last few minutes immediately before he went on stage at a huge gig at Earls Court, where tens of thousands of fans were screaming his name. It was around 1977.

We met in his dressing room, where he was completing his preparations, and after a preliminary chat about friends in common (my sister knew his makeup artist) we were filmed walking together right to the point where he stepped out in front of the crowd. I had about twenty minutes of his undivided attention, with no retakes. Bowie showed no nerves, just extremely good manners. The first thing he commented on when I arrived was we both had exactly the same colour hair - bright magenta.  Back then, I was presenting the London Weekend Show, a current affairs series for young people which was shown on Sunday lunchtimes - and we’d made some well-received films with the Clash and the Sex Pistols, which is maybe why he agreed to meet.


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Tal como destacou Pedro Paiva, é possível partilhar no mural do Facebook de alguém a partir do cartão de contacto dessa pessoa no telemóvel, sem ser necessário abrir a app da rede social. O mesmo vale para o Skype, que foi redesenhado a pensar no novo ...

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Banksy ¿?

Graffiti que al parecer Banksy ha hecho en la Parte Vieja de San Sebastián con motivo de la proyección en el Festival de Cine de su película 'Exit Through the Gift Shop'.

Banksy presents at the International Film Festival of San Sebastian his film 'Exit Through the Gift Shop',...

Toulouse session 2010 Azek


¡De vez en cuando no queda más remedio que sacar el Nokia N70!


adiós san antonio!

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