Sony Ericsson T700

Sony Ericsson T700 в черном и золотисто-красном корпусе

Компания Sony Ericsson представила два новых цветовых решения для одной из своих моделей телефонов. Теперь разнообразие внешности Sony Ericsson T700 пополнилось еще двумя новыми цветами. Телефон может быть облачен в сияющий черный корпус или в золотисто-красный.

Оба новых варианта Sony Ericsson T700 выглядят привлекательно.

4-inch Apple iPhone SE official with $399 starting price point

Unlike the 5S, the internals of the SE match closely with the iPhone 6s. The iPhone SE features the same A9 processor, which includes the M9 coprocessor, meaning that that SE also supports “Always On” Siri functionality. Other specs include  12-megapixel iSight rear-facing camera, Touch ID and an NFC chip for use with Apple Pay.

Christmas came early for iPhone fans (of the smaller variety) this year. After Apple nixed iPhones with a 4-inch display in lieu of the new 4.7 and 5.5-inch variants for two years in a row, it seemed like the days of “small” iPhones were behind us. However, today’s irregularly scheduled Apple event revealed to us that our assumptions on the matter were incorrect.

Dubbed the iPhone SE, the “new” iPhone packs many of the defining features of the iPhone 6S into a more compact device. However, the design of the iPhone SE strongly resembles the old iPhone 5S design, with a couple of color additions.


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