Sony Ericsson W302

Sony Ericsson W302 и Sony Ericsson Remi: новые телефоны-плееры

Sony Ericsson W302 и Sony Ericsson Remi: новые телефоны-плееры

Вскоре после июньского выпуска компанией Sony Ericsson многофункционального камерафона Sony Ericsson C905 серии " Cyber Shot ", оснащенного камерой разрешением 8 Mpx, а также ещё четырех других мобильных телефонов, в сети появилась неофициальная информация и живые фотографии ещё двух новинок шведско-японского альянса. Устсройства позиционируются как телефоны-плееры, их названия Sony Ericsson W302 (кодовое название " Feng ") и Sony Ericsson Remi .

Nokia 3120 Classic vs Sony Ericsson W302

With all the bells and whistles you get on mobiles these days, handsets lower down the phone food chain often don’t get much of a look-in. Nokia and Sony, with their Nseries and Walkman lineups respectively are just as guilty of giving more love to the higher end devices than the more frugal ones, but that doesn’t mean they’re still scrimping when it comes to features.

When faced with the 3120 Classic, out reviewer was reminded of Nokia’s expertise in churning out so-called “every man handsets”. Or every woman for that matter. Resisting the urge to break into song with Whitney Houston’s tune of the same name, the Finnish giant’s heritage in this space is a rich one.

Thankfully, we were right.

Budget handsets are basic, boring and very unsexy, right? Not so. Not when you do it right. And with two thoroughbreds in Nokia and Sony Ericsson, from the off we had high expectations that the 3120 Classic and W302 would be budget phones with a twist.


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Sony Ericsson W302 - Цены, обзоры, характеристики / Телефоны Sony Ericsson :: Sony и Sony Ericsson Фан-клуб, Телефоны ...

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SonyEricsson W302 - Обзоры, описания, тесты ...
Мобильный телефон SonyEricsson W302 - обзоры, описания, отзывы пользователей

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Эксклюзивный обзор с 3d фото, отзывы, купить телефон, сравнив цены Интернет-магазин, скачать ...



DPP #9095 Approaching Narodni Trida, Prague, CZ, 2009

I took this on Spalena, as #9095, one of the rebuilt Tatra KT8D5RN2P trams, was approaching the Narodni Trida stop. I think the motorbike in Purkynova is an especially nice touch.

DPP #9132 at Vitezne Namesti, Prague, CZ, 2009

Also at Vitezne Namesti, coming out of the roundabout (which the trams obviously cross at a right angle to each other, straight through it in all four directions), is Skoda 14t #9132, which I don't think I've posted a photo of yet.

DPP #9030 at Vitezne Namesti, Prague, CZ, 2009

This is the other unrebuilt Tatra KT8D5 that I know of, #9030. This shot, like my photo of 9014, is at Vitezne Namesti.

Nadrazi Horovice, Horovice, Bohemia (CZ), 2009

Instead of doubling back through Jince for our return to Prague, we had one of our friends drive us to Horovice, which was easier from the pub we were at (he hadn't been drinking).

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