Sony Ericsson W302

Sony Ericsson W302 review

The screen is clear and bright with 262,000 colours and despite a resolution of just 220x176 pixels you never get the feeling you've been short-changed (not that you're going to be watching DivX movies on it or anything of the sort).

As one of the cheapest handsets in Sony Ericsson's Walkman range, the W302 may not have all those delicious little extras so beloved of today's high-end mobiles, but it serves up a satisfying portion of the basics, and a little bit more.

It's a stylishly slim little number, for a start, just 10.5mm thick and tipping the scales at 78g, so no unsightly bulges.

The cramped keyboard actually feels much better than it looks. It's an ergonomic marvel since despite the tiny buttons, clever shaping and spacing means that it's always easy to find your way around (though you'll need to use the tip of your thumb).

Мумий Тролль и всё-всё-всё

Реклама Евросети Мумий Тролль и всё-всё-всё Выпуск музыкального мобильного телефона

В октябре группа Мумий Тролль примет участие  в проекте компании  Sony Ericsson по выпуску уникальной модели нового мобильного телефона  Sony Ericsson Walkman W302. Отличительная черта группы Мумий Тролль - стремление быть новатором. Мумий Тролль – группа-первооткрыватель, она рождает идеи, которые подхватывают другие.

Что входит в работу адвоката по наследственному спору.

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DPP #9095 Approaching Narodni Trida, Prague, CZ, 2009

I took this on Spalena, as #9095, one of the rebuilt Tatra KT8D5RN2P trams, was approaching the Narodni Trida stop. I think the motorbike in Purkynova is an especially nice touch.

DPP #9132 at Vitezne Namesti, Prague, CZ, 2009

Also at Vitezne Namesti, coming out of the roundabout (which the trams obviously cross at a right angle to each other, straight through it in all four directions), is Skoda 14t #9132, which I don't think I've posted a photo of yet.

DPP #9030 at Vitezne Namesti, Prague, CZ, 2009

This is the other unrebuilt Tatra KT8D5 that I know of, #9030. This shot, like my photo of 9014, is at Vitezne Namesti.

Nadrazi Horovice, Horovice, Bohemia (CZ), 2009

Instead of doubling back through Jince for our return to Prague, we had one of our friends drive us to Horovice, which was easier from the pub we were at (he hadn't been drinking).

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