Sony Ericsson S700i

Retro Phone Review: Sony Ericsson K750i

If you want an excuse for not going 3G, this is it. Sure with 3G phones you get high-speed downloads, great online video content, the ability to see the person calling you, and stacks of calls for your cash. But you can't get a phone quite like Sony Ericsson's new K750i.

One thing we do miss about these times is battery life - the K750i lasted over a week on a single charge where now we'd weep tears of lithium-ion joy if we could get half that.

We're republishing the reviews of classic phones from the dawn of the smartphone era.

Original review, published June 2005

This review also gives us a frightening glimpse of a world before iTunes and Spotify, where you could listen to snippets of music, then use PlayNow to pay £3 a track to transfer the songs to your phone.

Here we have Sony Ericsson's classic K750i handset, which came with a 2MP camera - which for the time was big news. It also offered a whopping 100MB of storage space, which makes us feel slightly bad when we complain about 'only' 16GB of space.

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Sony Ericsson S700i
Стандарт: GSM 900/ 1800/ 1900 ВхШхТ: 107.5x 49x 24.5 мм Вес: 137 г Стандартная батарея: Li-Ion ...

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Bond Minicars & Messerschmitts at Amberley Working Museum 2006

Shot on Sony Ericsson S700i Phone, please excuse poor quality.

Dt9 - 29 June - Istanbul Arena

bu kareyi s700i ile alabilmeniz için anlık olarak yanıp sönen ışıkların rengini önceden kestiremediginizden müziğin ritmine göre bir poz ceker ve s700i nin net poz alabildigi sarı spot lambaların yandıgını görüp içinizden "oh" cekersiniz,,


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