Sony Ericsson S312

Sony Ericsson S312

The Sony Ericsson S312 is pitched as an entry-level handset, with a few added touches that bring the camera to the fore. But is this a viable camera phone, or does it struggle to drag itself out of the bargain basement?

The S312 is a typical candybar phone from Sony Ericsson, with the screen occupying the top half and the 12-key keypad the bottom, with the usual shortcut keys across the middle. It is relatively compact, measuring 100 x 46 x 12.5mm and weighing 80g.

It feels a little light in the hand, a little too light perhaps. That said, the weight is something of a problem and probably not for the reason you'd think, so bear with us.

Sony Ericsson S312 review

Budget phones generally come in various shades of bland, but there are some that try to take their aesthetics in a different direction. The S312 is afflicted with these aspirations.

Sadly, they look rather tacky and cheap rather than bringing the intended luxury element to the S312. If you’re not averse to the shade used in the blue version of the S312, we’d suggest picking that version up since it exchanges the gold for a shade of easier that’s easier on the eye.

In form, the phone is utterly conventional – not in a bad way either, being reasonably slim and very pocket-friendly. Unfortunately, it skips off the comfort of the well-trodden path with the gold rings that encircle the main select button and the camera lens on the back.

Yes, a term like ‘afflicted’ may sound a tad negative, but then we’re not all that convinced by some of the Sony Ericsson S312’s design choices.

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