Sony Ericsson K300

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Sony Ericsson P800 and P910

Sony Ericsson Xperia series

Next, the P910 made the buttons on the numpad bigger, making them easier to click. But more importantly, it also had a full QWERTY keyboard once you open the flip. Can you imagine, a phone with a traditional numpad, a QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen? The P990 put the QWERTY keyboard on the bottom of the screen instead of on the flip. This phone hit the market in mid-2006, and the poor fella had no idea that it was close to what can be aptly termed as the smartphone revolution, with the iPhone coming a year later, in 2007. SE’s last standing member of the P series is the Sony Ericsson P1, and featured a physical half-QWERTY/ numpad, below the touchscreen.

Sony Ericsson K300 introduction

Sony Ericsson Sony Ericsson K300 introduction : Sony Ericsson announces a new addition to its award winning mobile imaging portfolio with the Sony Ericsson K300 camera phone. Using a mobile phone to shoot and share pictures and video will now become available to many more people as this entry level camera phone provides mobile video and picture messaging and is extremely easy to use, so even users new to the idea can share images with their friends and family in just a few clicks. Such affordable simplicity, together with dual front design, classic Sony Ericsson styling and a choice of colours


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SonyEricsson K300i - Обзоры, описания, тесты ...
Sony Ericsson K300i - не слишком дорогой, однако надежный и функциональный телефон среднего класса ...

Sony Ericsson K300 чехол, аккумулятор для sony ... - Магазин электроники и сотовой связи Diamond Electric, Магазин Без Предоплаты, на все ... Обзор GSM-телефона Sony Ericsson K300
Версия для печати Обзор GSM-телефона Sony Ericsson K300. Фотографии Sony Ericsson K300 в интерьере

Sony Ericsson K300
Полное техническое описание сотового телефона Sony Ericsson K300 – А так же вы можете посмотреть ...

Sony Ericsson K300 - Программы для sony ericsson k300 ...
Карманные компьютеры, смартфоны, коммуникаторы на базе Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Symbian, UIQ2, UIQ3, каталог ...

Day 135 - 22/Oct/2008 Rolling stairs - Escaleras mecánicas

Project 365 / Day 135 / Cellphone Photography. Rolling stairs int the Abasto Shopping Mall in Buenos Aires

Day 130 - 16/Oct/2008 Street art in the subway

Project 365 / Day 130 / Cellphone Photography.

Some street art that can be found in Buenos Aires subways


Day 304 - 9/April/2009 Obelisc - Obelisco

Project 365 / Day 304 Cellphone photography.
The postprocess really improved this one (reduced noise, little saturation and lightness)...

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