Nokia N86 8MP

It lives - 'Symbian World' CFW for the Nokia N86

Features of CFW:

All interface, input and help languages ​​are removed, except English and Russian; The default language is English; The default date is 01/01/2017; The default standby mode is "Standard" (In which the "idle mode" is empty); The default USB mode is "Drive"; Updated time zones, for Russia there is no more time translation, but Moscow is still "GMT + 4", not "GMT + 3"; The default time delimiter is a colon, the date separator is a dash, for all languages; The "Themes" icon is returned to the menu.

Modified firmware "Symbian World" for Nokia N86 8MP (RM-484).

It is based on the original firmware v30.009.

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Nokia N86 8MP


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