Samsung B3210 CorbyTXT

Samsung CorbyTXT B3210 review

Samsung's Corby line-up of phones offer good looks and decent UI all linked together by affordable price-tags. The Samsung CorbyTXT B3210 with its full qwerty keyboard is a Corby phone aimed at users who are more into messaging and don't want to spend too much.

A great addition is the 3.5mm jack for headphones which allows you to plug in your favorite pair. Unlike other Corby phones, the Samsung CorbyTXT B3210 does not have a touchscreen; its display is a 2.2 inch TFT screen capable of displaying a resolution of 220x176 and 256K colours. It only has 50MB of internal memory but supports microSD cards up to 8GB. It also has a 2MP camera with no flash.

Samsung CorbyTXT B3210: Features

Since the Samsung CorbyTXT B3210 is a budget phone, you shouldn't expect too much out of it in terms of features. It has Bluetooth but doesn't support Wi-Fi or 3G and doesn't allow for GPS. It does however have a ubiquitous microUSB port for charging the phone or connecting it to the PC.

Samsung Corby TXT preview

In Samsung’s new range of Corby lifestyle smartphones, the TXT is something of a middle sibling, nestled between the lower-end Genio and the slide-out Qwerty-equipped Pro.

Perhaps more so than its Corby relatives, it would appear that the youngster-friendly aspects of the device are all quite superficial. Yes, there are the colourful backplates that encourage you to see your phone as a key portal to self-expression, but other than that, all that was in evidence on the youth front was a strange menu system.

Well, actually the menu system itself is utterly conventional, using a simple 3x3 icon-based grid. What’s strange is the animated chap to the left of the screen that pulls a cord, bell ringer style, whenever you select an option. Odd indeed, especially when it didn’t really seem to tie-in with the Corby series’s 4-colour motif - the Corby handsets come in four main colours, yellow, orange, pink and white.

At first glance, it looks much like an E-series Nokia device or a smaller BlackBerry thanks to its mini Qwerty keyboard but, as its SMS -inferring title suggests, the TXT really doesn’t have its eye on the business crowd. It is, indeed, doing it for the kids.


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Samsung GT-B3210 CorbyTXT
Стандарт: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 ВхШхТ: 112x 59.6x 12.9 мм Вес: 94 г

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The Samsung B3210 CorbyTXT has a display type TFT, up to 1 colours. The main screen is of sizeTFT having the resolution type which has the capacity to cover the pixellete area of(nHD). The weight of the handset is94. The dimensions of the phone are in the figures of 112 x 59 x 12 mm. The form...

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