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Tech nostalgia: in praise of the non-iPhone phones of 2007

The iPhone’s most radical feature was its total lack of a physical keyboard – which in the age of the BlackBerry was unthinkable. Apple wasn’t the first to do this, but it was the first to do it well, even if it was supremely clunky by today’s standards, and it would set the blueprint for all later smartphones (big, flat display, slim body, minimal buttons). Lets take a look back at the iPhone’s competition 10 years ago.

Cast your mind back to 2007, a simpler time before the recession bit, Kim Kardashian was still just Paris Hilton’s sidekick and Nelly Furtado was dominating the charts. We’d had mobile phones for years, but that year marked a turning point with the release of the first iPhone , arguably the first true smartphone.

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